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2007 Vox 50th Anniversary Mark III "Brian Jones"
Limited Edition #81/100 - Brian Jones Signature Teardrop Vox with Original Certificate Case. EXC++ w/OHSC $2995

2004 Epiphone Sheraton II "Sunburst"
Great Sounding, Left Handed Semi Hollow Electric with Humbucking Pickups. EXC W/OHSC $495.

2009 Epiphone Wilshire '62 Reissue "Cherry"
A Limited Run, US Made Solidbody with P90 Pickups. Comes with Strap, Certificate, T-shirt and Hang Tags! EXC+ w/OHSC $1995.

2013 Epiphone Les Paul "Tommy Thayer Spaceman"
Signature Model of Kiss' Guitar Player Tommy Thayer with Original Studded Strap, Signed COA and Paperwork. EXC w/OHSC $595.

1984 Alembic Exploiter "Blue"
Rare-Flamed Maple, Explorer Shaped Body with Active Electronics and Classic Alembic Brass Hardware. EXC w/HSC $4500

1965 Eko 500/2 "Blue Sparkle"
Italian Made Two Pickup Electric with Push Button Controls and Jaguar Style Offset Body Design. EXC+ w/OHSC $1450

1964 Crucianelli Modello "Silver Sparkle"
An Outrageous Guitar with Stunning Silver Sparkle Finish and Distinctive Retro Styling. EXC w/SSC $995

1960's Danelectro Convertible "Natural"
Double Cutaway, Short-horn Acoustic Electric Thinline with Lipstick Pickup. EXC $695.

1959 Silvertone Model 1417 "Copper"
Danelectro Made, U-1 Style Single Cutaway with Dolphin Headstock and Single Lipstick Pickup. EXC- $495.

1964 Danelectro 4021 "Black"
Double Cutaway Dano with Two Lipstick Pickups, "Hand Tremolo" and Rare Batwing Headstock. EXC w/HSC $1250

2000 D'Angelico NYL-6 "Blue Sunburst"
Full Depth New Yorker Electric Archtop with Ebony Fingerboard, Spruce Top, and Maple Back and Sides. EXC w/OHSC $2250.

2005 Nash Guitars S-Series "Dark Gray"
A Fantastic Playing Early S-Series model from Bill Nash with Great Sounding Rio Grande Pickups! EXC w/Gigbag $HOLD

1962 National Glenwood 95 "Red"
A National 'Map' Guitar with Vermillion Red Finish, Original Form Fit Hard Case, and Newport 50 Amplifier! EXC w/OHSC $4995.

A National Made, Two Pickup, Resoglass Hollow Body with Built in Electronic Tremolo. EXC w/SSC $1450

2008 Taylor SB Classic "Red"
Stop tail Solidbody with 2 Interchangeable Loaded Pickguards. Strat Style Single Coil or Triple Humbucking. EXC+ w/OHSC $950

2009 Taylor T3/B "Sunburst"
Beautifully Flamed Singlecut Semi Hollow Body with Bigsby Tailpiece and Full Sized Humbucking Pickups. EXC+ w/OHSC $1195

2011 Taylor SB-2 "Blue"
Chambered Mahogany Body with Flamed Maple Top and Taylor's Vintage Alnico Pickups. EXC+ w/OHSC $1050

1960s Wandre Tri-Lam "Mint Green"
Aluminum Neck Single Pickup Model Finished in Beautiful Mint Green. EXC $2650

1960s Wandre Tri-Lam "Red"
Great Sounding and Rare Two Pickup Version of this Italian Mod Classic Guitar Design! EXC $2750

Designed by Antonio Poli and Produced Under the Krundaal Brand Name by Italy's Wandre/Davoli. EXC $2500

1960's Wandre Soloist "Green"
A Unique, Les Paul Style Guitar that has been Popularized by Nashville Recording Artist and Producer Buddy Miller. EXC $3200

1967 Wandre Polyphon 3 "Brown Pearl"
From Our Collection, an Italian Made, 3 Pickup Electric with Stunning Brown Pearl Finish. EXC $2995

Cool Two Pickup Solidbody Model, Made in Italy by Davoli, with Great Stylized Features. EXC $2500

1930's Harmony Royal Crest "Sunburst"
Early Acoustic Archtop with a Beautiful Firestripe Headstock Overlay and DeArmond Rhythm Chief Pickup. EXC w/OHSC $795.

1956 Harmony Montclair "Black"
At the Forefront of Modern Guitar Styling! With Aero-Jet like application of bright Harmometal Binding. EXC w/OSSC $995.

1960 Harmony Stratotone H48 "Blonde"
Beautifully Flamed Singlecut with Block Inlays, Tortoise Batwing Pickguard and Gold Foil DeArmond Pickup. EXC w/OSSC $950.

1965 Harmony Holiday "Red Burst"
Lightweight Single Pickup Harmony Stratotone Model Electric with Original Case. EXC w/OSSC $HOLD

1967 Harmony/Barclay Bobkat "Candy Aplle Red"
A Great Looking Hot Rod Finished Barclay Branded Harmony Bobkat with Tremolo. EXC w/OHSC $600.

1966 Harmony Bobkat with Harmony H-415 Amp
Great Sounding Vintage Combo! DeArmond Pickups and 18 Watts with Jensen Special Design Speakers. EXC w/OSSC $995

1966 Airline 7250 Bobkat "Sunburst"
Double Pickup Solidbody Manufactured for the Montgomery Ward Chain of Stores. EXC w/Gigbag $450.

1967 Harmony H79 "Cherry"
Rare and Musically Superb Harmony Hollowbody 12-String with Specially Designed DeArmond Pickups. EXC w/OSSC $895

1987 Jackson Strat "Escher"
An Early Bolt-on Strat Style Jackson with One Off Custom MC Escher Graphic. EXC w/Gig Bag $1450

2012 KING BEE CUSTOM "See-Thru White"
From the New Line of Guitars Built by "King Bee" of Texas! New w/Gig Bag $1650

From the New Line of Guitars Built by "King Bee" of Texas! New w/Gig Bag $1650

1959 Kay Upbeat "Jet Black"
A Large Bodied Electric Archtop with Rare Jet Black Finish and Kelvinator Headstock! EXC w/SSC $2150



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