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1954 Gibson Les Paul "Goldtop"
A Great Playing Early Les Paul with P90 Pickups and Wraparound Tailpiece! EXC w/OHSC $24,500.

1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Sunburst"
A Resonant Slab Cut Mahogany Body Single Cut-away Junior. EXC w/HSC $5300.

1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Sunburst"
Dark Sunburst Finish Singlecut Electric with a Great Sounding P90 Pickup. EXC w/OSSC $5700.

1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
A Stunning Triple Pickup Gibson Les Paul 'Black Beauty' with a Factory Bigsby! EXC w/OHSC $49,500.

1969 Gibson Les Paul "Goldtop"
All '68 Features including Small Headstock, No Volute, One Piece Neck and 50th week of '68 Pots. EXC w/OHSC $14,000.

1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Natural"
A Beautiful Natural Maple Top Les Paul Custom with Contrasting Mahogany Body. EXC w/OHSC $2995.


1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Sunburst"
A Great Sounding Les Paul Custom with a Mahogany Body, Maple Top and PAT # Stamped Pickups. EXC w/OHSC $3450

1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe "Ebony"
A Very Fine and Rare Black Les Paul Deluxe with Two Great Sounding Mini Humbucking Pickups. EXC+ w/OHSC $3995

1980 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe "Sunburst"
Dark Tobacco Sunburst Deluxe with Mini Humbuckers and One Piece Mahogany Body. EXC w/OHSC $2750

1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Ferrari Red"
An Exciting Les Paul Custom in a Rare Color Outfitted with Tim Shaw Pickups! EXC w/HSC $2995

1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Black"
A Les Paul Standard in a Hard to Find Color with a Cool Look and a Great Playing Neck! EXC w/OHSC $2495

1991 Gibson Les Paul 40th Anniversary
Limited Run Les Paul with 40th Anniversary Inlay at the 12th Fret, Gold Hardware and P100 Pickups. EXC+ w/OHSC $2500.

2002 Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue "Honeyburst"
A Killer R8 with Bookmatched Reverse Chevron Flame Maple Top and Aged Nickel Hardware! EXC+ w/HSC $4250.

2006 Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue "Sunburst"
Vibrant Cherry Sunburst Finish with a Great Feeling Large Neck Profile and Burstbuckers. EXC w/OHSC $2495

2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Sunburst"
A Les Paul Standard with Beautiful Flamed Maple Top and Rich Tobacco Sunburst Finish! EXC w/HSC $2450

2010 Gibson Les Paul '59 Reissue "Sunburst"
Tom Murphy Aged Flametop R9 with Hangtags and Custom Shop Certificate. EXC+ w/OHSC $5995.

2011 Gibson Les Paul '59 Reissue "Stanley Burst"
Stunning Flame Top with Coloring Inspired by the Guitar that is on the Cover of "The Beauty of the Burst" Book. EXC+ w/OHSC $5500.

2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio Bonamassa
Bonamassa Signature Goldtop with a Set of Un-installed Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Pickups. EXC+ w/OHSC $1650

1964 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom "Sunburst"
Rare, High End Artist Model with Spruce Top. Has a Great Sounding PAF Pickup in the Bridge Position! EXC+ w/OHSC $6995

1952 Gibson ES-5 "Blonde"
A Beautiful Vintage Gibson Hollow-Body Electric Archtop with Natural Finish, Hang Tag, and Brown Case. EXC+ w/OHSC $11,500


1962 Gibson ES-120T "Sunburst"
A Thin Bodied ES-120T with Gorgeous Dark Sunburst Color and Great Sounding Single Coil Pickup! EXC w/SSC $1250

1971 Gibson ES-175 "Sunburst"
Single Cutaway Archtop with 2 PAT Sticker Humbucking Pickups. EXC w/HSC $3400

1953 Gibson ES-295 "Les Paul Owned"
One of Les Paul's Personal Guitars! Just out of the Mahwah, NJ Museum's Les Paul Exhibit. EXC w/OHSC $35,000.

1968 Gibson ES-345 "Cherry"
Gorgeous Deep Cherry Finish Semi Hollow with Stereo Electronics and Original Hangtags. EXC+ w/HSC $6200

1999 Gibson ES-345 Historic "Sunburst"
Custom Shop Semi Hollow Thinline with All Gold Hardware, Bigsby Vibrato and Varitone Circuitry. EXC w/OHSC $3500

1965 Gibson Firebird V "Sunburst"
A Great Player's Firebird with 2 Mini Humbucking Pickups and Lyre Vibrola. EXC w/HSC $6500

2003 Gibson Firebird VII "Arctic White"
Non Reverse Firebird with Gold Hardware, Original Hang Tags and Custom Shop Certificate. EXC+ w/OHSC $1950.

1980 Gibson Explorer E2 "Bahama Blue"
Rare Custom Color E2 with Beveled Body Edges and Fine Tuning TP-6 Tailpiece. EXC w/HSC $4500

1968 Gibson Flying V "Cherry"
Restored Late 60's All Mahogany Flying V with Early Long Headstock and One Piece Neck. EXC w/OHSC $18,500

1982 Gibson Flying V2 "Candy Apple Red"
Sculpted Body Flying V2 with Full Sized Gold Covered Humbucking Pickups. EXC w/OHSC $2495

1982 Gibson Moderne "Korina"
Stamped Prototype # A 005 Korina Bodied "Reissue" of Gibson's Radically Styled Moderne Guitar. EXC+ w/OHSC $8500

1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul "Cherry"
A Great Sounding, "Player Grade" Double Cutaway with Sideways Vibrola and PAT Sticker Pickups. EXC- w/OHSC $6500.

2000 Gibson SG Junior "Cherry"
With a Great Sounding P-90 Pickup and 60s Style Neck Profile! EXC w/HSC $1100.

2000 Gibson SG/Les Paul "Cherry"
Reissue Solidbody with Lyre Vibrola, Nickel Hardware and Original Hang Tags. EXC w/OHSC $2250.

2002 Gibson SG Special "Pete Townshend"
Late 60's Style SG Special Reissue. Signature Model of Guitarist Pete Townshend of the Who. EXC w/OHSC $1650.

2006 Gibson SG Standard VOS "Cherry"
A Great Playing and Resonant SG with a Large Profile Neck and Vintage Style Nickel Hardware. EXC w/OHSC $1895.

2011 Gibson SG Special "Cherry"
60's Tribute Model with 2 P-90 Pickups. Comes with Original Hang Tags! EXC+ w/Gig Bag $650.

2013 Gibson Angus Young SG "Cherry"
Inspired by AC/DC's Guitarist with Lightning Bolt Inlays and Angus Young Humbucker in the Bridge Position. EXC w/OHSC $1350

1964 Gibson Melody Maker "Cherry"
2 Pickup Model Double Cut Slab Body "Student Guitar" with Strong Cherry Color. EXC w/HSC $1450.

1966 Gibson Melody Maker "Pelham Blue"
A Lightweight Custom Color SG Body Guitar with 2 Great Sounding Single Coil Pickups. EXC w/OSSC $1250.




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