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1985 Hamer Scarab Sammy Hagar Owned

1985 Hamer Scarab Sammy Hagar Owned

From his early days fronting Montrose to his tenure as lead singer in Van Halen, as well as a platinum selling solo career, Sammy Hagar has earned a place as one of the most recognizable and succesful voices in rock. The "Red Rocker"'s guitar skills are on display in many of his biggest hits, as well, making it a true honor to offer one of his most iconic instruments for sale!

This 1985 Hamer Scarab was custom made for Sammy by Jol Danzig, one of the company's founders, and personally delivered to him at a concert in Chicago. It immediately became a part of his arsenal both in the studio and on tour, and even appears with Hagar on the cover of his 1987 record I Never Said Goodbye.


In 1988, The guitar wound up in the posession of Loren Adams, the artist resposible for much of the work at Hagar's famous Cabo Wabo cantina.


The radical Scarab design is highlighted with a single active EMG pickup, Kahler tremolo tailpiece, Sammy Hagar headstock logo, and most uniquely, a light up set of Fret Markers in Sammy's trademark Red, guaranteeing this guitar makes an impression in a darkend arena!