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1988 Dobro Duolian Resonator

A beautiful Dobro made round-neck resonator, this Duolian model features the etched Hawaiian motif found on 1930's National style O guitars. Its brass body and single cone resonator deliver the distinctive tone behind countless blues, country, and Hawaiian recordings, while the low action and 14 fret neck is comfortable for either fretted playing or slide. A must have for any studio arsenal and a beautiful example in great condition, this guitar includes the original case.

1953 Gibson Les Paul "Gold Top"

This incredible sounding Les Paul Standard started out with the early "Trapeze Tailpiece" found on the earliest iteration of the Standard. A previous owner had a "wrap around" style tailpiece installed bringing it closer to a 1954 spec guitar. It features a perfect, large profile 50's neck that has been professionally refretted making this a truly great playing guitar, while the original "Soapbar" P90 pickups deliver fantastic tones in any setting. If you're looking for a vintage Les Paul that's ready for anything, this is a tough one to beat. It comes with a Calton form-fitted case; perfect for anyone looking to travel with this guitar! EXC w/HSC

2000 Gibson Limited '76 Explorer "Mahogany"

A limited edition guitar from Gibson, this 2000 model explorer is a reissue of the '76 mahogany models. A fully original example free from breaks or repairs, this guitar is as close as it gets to the real thing! It includes the original brown Gibson hardshell case. Lightweight, resonant, and a perfect neck profile, this is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an affordable Explorer!

1960 Gibson Les Paul JR "Cherry"

A stellar example of a double cut Les Paul Junior, this 1960 model features a great playing, slim 1960 neck profile, screaming dog ear P90 pickup, lightweight mahogany body, a dark rosewood fingerboard, and a tortoiseshell pickguard. A fully original example in great shape, this guitar features the later, more rounded body style found on 59-60 Les Paul Juniors, and includes the original faux alligator chipboard case. The color remains vibrant and unfaded making this about as good as it gets for these incredible guitars!

1989 Gibson Double Cut Les Paul Jr "Sunburst"

Vintage Les Paul Juniors have become some of the most coveted electric guitars on the market, and for good reason. The simplicity of the design matched with the expert craftsmanship of golden era Gibson electrics make them the ultimate rock n roll guitars. This 1989 model is as close as it gets to the vintage originals; the original finish even shows signs of weather checking. It's double cut mahogany body features a slim, 1960 style neck and a 50's era two-tone sunburst finish! The added tuning stability of the factory ABR-1 and a replacement set of Grover tuners make this an ideal road warrior while a unique pinup decal make it perfect for stage use.

2022 Gibson '63 Firebird V VOS

"Antique Pelham Blue"

A brand new instrument from the master craftsman at the Gibson Custom Shop! This beautiful '63 reissue of the Firebird V sports a VOS "Antique Pelham Blue" finish with nickel hardware, a comfortable, large profile '63-4 neck profile, Lyre tailpiece, and banjo style tuners. The neck on this guitar is as close as it gets to a real vintage example, and even the hardshell case is a faithful recreation of a 60s Firebird case. This instrument is brand new and includes the original case candy direct from the Custom Shop.

The Scotty Moore Collection: Part 1

J.D. Simo and Mike Voltz come to Rumble Seat Music in Nashville to give us a 3-Part, in depth look at a unique collection of gear from the legendary Scotty Moore! Moore's guitar playing started a revolution when it was first heard on Elvis Presley's Sun Records recordings in the 1950s. His innovative use of the "Slapback" effect, as well as his unique style of hybrid picking became the blue print of what the world came to know as"Rockabilly" guitar playing, and created some of the most memorable guitar parts in the history of recorded music.

Scotty Moore Collection Part 2:

Gibson ES-295

In Part II, J.D. Simo and Mike Voltz discuss the story behind the limited run of 81 Scotty Moore Signature Gibson ES-295s. Moore's association with the ES-295 model resulted in a limited run of Custom Shop reproductions of his famous gold guitar in 2013. Part of this collection being offered for sale is #52, this one having been played and signed by the Scotty Moore himself! It includes all the Custom Shop case candy, as well as the original case and canvas case cover.

The Scotty Moore Collection Part 3:

Custom Gibson Country Gentleman

In the third and final installment, J.D. Simo and Mike Votlz discuss Scotty Moore's personal, custom Gibson Country Gentleman. Moore's position as the right-hand man to The King became the basis of a long term friendship with another six string legend, Nashville recording artist and producer Chet Atkins. When Chet left Gretsch and began a partnership with Gibson guitars, he had a special, one-of-a-kind guitar created for his friend Scotty Moore. It features a personalized "Scotty Moore" pickguard, banjo-style arm rest, Classical guitar influenced inlays, and the most deeply figured maple top we've seen on any Country Gentleman! The unique pickups were designed specifically for this instrument by Ray Butts, the engineer behind the famous Echo Sonic amp Scotty used in his early career. They are single coil pickups in full size humbucker housing, which make this much closer to the 295 sound with which Scotty would have been familiar. This became Scotty's go to instrument for the rest of his career. 

1967 Gibson B 25 "Natural"

The Gibson B-series guitars are some of the most popular 60's flat tops for a variety of musical styles. The solid mahogany back, laminated sides, and solid spruce tops ensure the great tone you'd expect from a Gibson acoustic at a comfortable price for many players. This 1967 example features a 1 11/16" nut width, natural finish, adjustable saddle, and a comfortable neck with great action throughout. Clean and free from repairs, this instrument includes an original chipboard case.

1964 Gibson ES 120T "Sunburst"

If you're looking to add a vintage Gibson Archtop to your arsenal without spending a fortune, the ES-120T is an excellent solution! Though designed for the student guitarist, this 1964 model was built in Kalamazoo alongside the highest end Gibson instruments by the same craftsman, and has many of the same features as much more expensive models. With the same single coil pickup found in melody maker guitars, a volume and tone control, and pickguard mounting wiring assembly, this guitar delivers a fantastic tone acoustically and plugged in that is distinctively Gibson! This clean and original example sports a beautiful three tone sunburst finish, comfortable 1 11/16" nut width and '64 neck profile, trapeze tailpiece with floating wooden bridge, "Reflector" style knobs, and Kluson tuners. A golden era Gibson archtop for less than you'd spend on a newer guitar!

1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"

Les Pauls from the 1950s are the stuff of legend; some of the most desirable and best sounding electric guitars ever made. This 1955 Custom model is a wonderful example of the magic of that era. A lightweight, vibey example, this beautiful Les Paul has been played but is free from any breaks, repairs, or modifications. It features an original Soapbar P90 bridge pickup and Alnico V neck pickup, ABR-1 bridge and stop tailpiece, ebony fretboard, block inlays and the original hardshell case. With a comfortable 50's neck and original frets, this is a difficult guitar to put down, and the warm, aggressive tone ensure it sounds as good as it looks! 

1974 Gibson ES 345 "Walnut"

The ES-345 has been the guitar of choice for countless blues players, and even found a home with pioneering rock guitar players like Chuck Berry. This early 70's model has a fantastic playing neck and a phenomenal sounding pair of T-top humbucking pickups. The original stereo wiring and varitone circuit have been converted to a standard ES-335 style wiring making it an excellent choice for a player looking to incorporate it into their existing rig without juggling stereo cables. The walnut finish, gold hardware, and unusual grain of the top of this guitar give it a truly unique look. A beautiful guitar with a sound to back it up!

1968 Gibson LG-1 "Sunburst"

This 1968 LG-1 is as clean as it gets! The short lived Gibson logo pickguard is only found on this model year, but often the silkscreened logo wears away with time making clean examples like this hard to find. It features a vibrant sunburst finish, mahogany body with spruce top, and the original chipboard case. Free from breaks or repairs, you simply won't find a cleaner one for sale! 

1954 Fender Stratocaster Wayne Moss "Sunburst"

This is an original 1954 Fender Stratocaster owned by Moss for many years. At some point he refinished the guitar himself, and in 1960 requested a replacement neck from Fender guitars in Fullerton. By mistake he was sent a brand new, 1960 Telecaster neck with a slab rosewood fingerboard. This is the neck used on the guitar for most of his session work in the years to come and the guitar includes both the replacement Tele neck and the original '54 Strat neck.  This guitar comes to us directly from Wayne Moss. It includes many photos and recording samples, as well as a copy of his official biography and a museum program from the Country Music Hall of Fame who ran an exhibit on the "Nashville Cats" session musicians, including an exhibit on Moss. 

1964 Gibson Firebird III "Cherry"

It doesn't get much Cooler than a Custom Color Firebird! This 1964 Reverse Body Firebird III features an original and rare "Cherry Red" finish! Unlike many Firebirds from this era, this guitar is free from any breaks or repairs and retains the original banjo-style tuners, mini-humbucking pickups, and Maestro short vibrola tailpiece. The neck is the typical '64 profile with plenty of fretlife, dot inlays, and a Brazilian rosewood board. Nothing sounds quite like a Firebird and this guitar delivers; the sound of everything from Early Stones Records to Motown, Johnny Winter and more. An extremely hard guitar to find in this color and a phenomenal player, as well!

1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr "Cherry"

A phenomenal player-grade Les Paul Jr., this double cut example features an original "Dog ear " P90 pickup that really delivers the screaming rock n' roll tone that put these guitars on the map! A professionally repaired headstock crack, new frets, and neck over spray make this an ideal choice for a player looking for a road warrior. The guitar features the original electronics and an original black pickguard, as well as patent pending Grover tuners and a Leo Quan badass bridge. Lightweight and resonant, this guitar has all the sound of a vintage junior at a fraction of the price! It includes a new Gibson hardshell case.

1962 Gibson SG "The Fool"

Eric Clapton's Cream-era SG hand painted by the Dutch Art collective "The Fool" remains one of the most iconic electric guitars of all time! That famous work of psychedelic art was meticulously recreated on this original 1962 Gibson Les Paul/SG model by artist Ian Wilkie. This amazing instrument comes from the personal collection of Brian Ray, guitar/bassist for Paul McCartney! It features an original pair of PAF humbucking pickups, ABR-1 bridge, and a converted stop tailpiece. The original hardshell case was hand painted, as well. This is as close as it gets to owning the original guitar, and is a fantastic sounding guitar, as well! A truly unique guitar with an incredible provenance!

1959 Guild Aristocrat "Sunburst"

With design elements owing an obvious debt the Gibson Les Paul, the Guild M-75 Aristocrat truly found a style all its own. The hollow body with a solid spruce top is similar in construction to a Gretsch Duo Jet while the phenomenal, full feeling neck profile is not far off from a 50's Gibson shape. The original single coil pickups sound fantastic while the ebony fingerboard, gold hardware, and block inlays give this guitar all the class and elegance of an instrument dubbed the Aristocrat. This great sounding example includes the original brown hardshell case and a previous owners correspondence with Guild confirming the serial number and manufacture date, as well as declaring the M-75 "the most sought after vintage Guild guitar".

1965 Gretsch Tennessean "Walnut"

One of the cleanest mid-60's Gretsch guitars we've seen! This 1965 Gretsch Tennessean model is similar to the one George Harrison used in the movie Help as well as in the famous Shea Stadium concert. A pair of Hi-lotron Pickups deliver the unmistakable "Great Gretsch Sound" and an original Gretsch branded Bigsby tremolo arm make this a versatile addition to any arsenal. Free from the binding rot issues that affect many Gretsch instruments of this vintage, you simply won't find a cleaner example for sale!

1957 Rickenbacker 1000 "Black"

An incredibly rare, 3/4 scale Rickenbacker Model 1000 in original "Jetglo" finish from the first year of production! These models are incredibly hard to find; this is one of the only we've seen in "Jetglo" finish. With a single "Toaster Top" pickup, neck-thru construction, 18 fret neck, and a "Tulip" shaped, double cut body, this is a pure rock n' roll machine! This guitar even includes the original Rickenbacker hardshell case and leather strap! A fantastic playing and rare instrument with a phenomenal sound!

1965 Fender Stratocaster "See Through Blonde"

When it comes to Fender "Custom Color" finishes on Stratocasters, few have the elegance and "cool" factor of a "See-thru Blonde" option. This 1965 example is one of the cleanest examples we've seen of this finish. Aside from the rare finish and excellent condition, this also happens to be a phenomenal playing guitar, the the perfect, large "C" profile neck, dark rosewood board, small headstock, transition era Fender logo, and a resonance that even acoustically stands out from other Strats. The original electronics and three way switch deliver unmistakable vintage Fender tone. This would be a stand out in any collection and a fantastic sounding Strat for any studio arsenal. You won't see many guitars like this available!

VVT X-40 Dual Master Overdrive

Featuring an all tube design, the X-40 overdrives beautifully, accentuates the inherent qualities of your instrument, and dynamically responds to your playing technique the way all great amplifiers should. The preamp section has a broad dynamic range which accounts for its extra touch sensitivity, tonal shaping characteristics, and excellent guitar volume response. The specially designed, precision wound, power and output transformers produce optimum performance reliability and stability delivering just the right amount of natural output saturation and compression. Available exclusively at Rumble Seat Music.

VVT Georgia Overdrive

At Rumble Seat Music we strive to find only the best guitars, as well as the best gear to provide to other musicians. Having been only an authorized Gibson dealer, we are now proud to carry and become the only authorized seller of these amazing sounding VVT Georgia Overdrive pedals! As stated on the VVT website, "The Georgia Overdrive fulfills Jim’s vision for a really smooth analog overdrive pedal with true bypass that enhances the tone and natural EQ range of your guitar. The name is inspired from Jim’s homestate, as well as David Dudley’s 1963 single, “Six Days on the Road”, a truck driving song that highlights the working man, written by Earl Green and Carl Montgomery. The second verse begins: “I got me ten forward gears and my Georgia overdrive.” We may have to wait for a future pedal design for 10 Forward Gears, but now you have your Georgia Overdrive." These are the best pedals we have heard since the 60's, and are proud to share with all of you!

Category 5 Tweed Twin Joe Bonamassa

The Fender High-Power Twin is one of the most desirable and collectible amps of all time. These tweed amps have become the go-to for players like Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Joe Bonamassa. This incredible reproduction of that classic, holy-grail circuit from Category 5 amps was custom built for Joe and comes from his personal collection. It's 2x12 configuration, aprox. 80w output, and Celstion speakers make for one righteous sounding rock n' roll amp! This is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of Joe's gear at a price more affordable than many of the vintage items from his collection.

1968 Epiphone Texan "Sunburst"

Famously used by Paul McCartney on classic songs like Yesterday, the Kalamazoo made Epiphone Texan was similar in design to the Gibson J-45. The classic Gibson "Sloped Shoulder" design, spruce top, and mahogany back and sides deliver the unmistakable Gibson flat top tone that has proved to be exceptionally versatile. This would make a perfect recording guitar and a great instrument for songwriters. This fully original example is free from cracks or repairs and plays wonderfully all the way up the neck. A fantastic sounding guitar that really nails the recorded acoustic tones behind so many legendary songs.

1968 Gibson ES 175 "Black"

An exceptionally cool, Custom Color Gibson ES-175, this guitar features a very rare "black" finish! As a 1968 model, this instrument also includes the Gibson branded pickguard, which along with the chrome hardware and "back" finish give this instrument a truly unique look. The original patent number humbuckers and fully hollow body are perfect for everything from mellow jazz tones to screaming rock and blues tones. A great playing neck makes this a phenomenal choice for any player while collectors will appreciate the rarity of the finish and inclusion of the original hangtags and hardshell case.

1969 Fender Esquire "Sunburst"

The Fender Esquire is the ultimate example of "less is more"! These single-pickup guitars are often some of the best sounding electrics, and this Custom Color "Sunburst" 1969 model is no exception. An early '69 neck date and serial number, '66 pots, and "Spaghetti" style logo make this a truly rare guitar that has been kept in excellent condition. This is truly one of the cleanest and most beautiful Esquire guitars we've had in years; a prime example for any collector.

1982 Fender The STRAT "Walnut"

Introduced as the "top of the line" Stratocaster model, the Fender "Strat" saw a return to earlier, Pre-cbs style appointments like a smaller headstock and no "mico-tilt" truss rod adjustment, as well as new ones like a hotter bridge pickup and rotary tone knob for a huge array of sounds. The walnut body, one piece neck, and gold plated hardware give this a unique look while the hot bridge pickup make this a very aggressive sounding Strat. These models rarely appear for sale and this is one of the cleanest we've seen with the original case and tags!

1954 Gibson ES 175 "Blonde"

One of the most recognizable archtop guitar designs of all time, the ES-175 has proven a versatile electric guitar, finding favor with jazz, blues, and rock players alike. This two pickup D model features a rare and beautiful "Blonde" finish, nickel hardware, and a pair of "Dog Ear" P90 single coil pickups. The fully hollow maple body construction and single "Florentine" cutaway give this guitar a huge resonance even acoustically, while the perfect '50s profile mahogany neck and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard plays effortlessly all the way up. Blonde finish Gibsons from this period are some of the most desirable electrics on the market and this stunning ES-175D plays as good as it looks!

1975 Veleno Original "Polished Aluminum"

One of the rarest finds in the vintage electric guitar market; we are proud to offer for sale this original 1975 Veleno guitar! Built in St. Petersburg Florida by John Veleno, this revolutionary design features a completely metal construction with a body plated in Polished Aluminum finish for a reflective chrome look. These striking and innovative guitars could be seen with many of the era's top stars, including Marc Bolan of T-Rex, Gregg Allman, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, and Ace Frehley of Kiss. These almost never appear for sale and this original example includes all the original Veleno paperwork, including a finish sample sheet, manual, and a letter with pricing options signed by John Veleno himself. This is a very rare opportunity to own a vintage guitar with near mythic status.

1961 Gibson Les Paul (SG) "Cherry"

1961 brought big changes for Gibson's "Les Paul" model, which had been waning in popularity. Their radical redesign led to what we are now familiar with as the "SG" or "Solid Guitar" model, but retained the "Les Paul" designation and branded truss rod cover for the first few years. This early, first-year example has all of the new features that debuted that year; a thin, double cutaway mahogany body, art-deco inspired sideways Vibrola tailpiece, small pickguard, and a fast, "C" shaped neck that make this a great playing guitar. The original "Patent Applied For" humbucking pickups were replaced with the nearly identical, early 60's "Patent Number" pickups which in this guitar sound phenomenal. The original tuners have been reinstalled but were at one time replaced. Unlike many SG's from this time period, this guitar is free from any breaks or repairs making this a great opportunity for a player to get a truly great sounding instrument at a fraction of the cost of an all original example!

1972 Stratocaster "Lake Placid Blue"

One of the strongest examples of an original "Lake Placid Blue" finish we've seen, this 1972 Stratocaster looks like it did the day it came out of the Fender factory! With a great playing, larger profile maple neck, large headstock, and white three-ply pickguard, this is easily one of the best looking 70's strats we've had. This instrument came from a private collection where it is has been extremely well preserved and is fully original. A fantastic choice for anyone looking for a "Custom Color" Strat!

1961 Gibson ES 330 "Sunburst"

A phenomenal sounding guitar from the personal collection of Joe Bonamassa! This clean and original 1961 ES-330 features the absolute perfect "Sunburst" finish, a comfortable, slim-profile neck with dot inlays, and a pair of "Dog Ear" P90 pickups. This guitar includes the original, faux-alligator Chipboard case. You simply won't find a better example for sale!

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